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Waste to Materials

  • Transforming liquid and solid waste into sustainable use

  • Producing negative carbon emissions 

  • FOREVER chemicals stopped in their tracks

  • Saving Billions in capital infrastructure



 Available Globally 

 Fully Financed 

Contrary to Popular Opinion

  • You can recycle 100% of all wastes

  • You can have 100% diversion

  • Can be done with zero emissions

  • Can be done with zero CapEx 

  • There are no single-use waste materials

A better way

Carbotura is a manufacturing company that utilizes waste as its raw material input stream, Our service model removes waste from the ecosystem by breaking it all down, no matter what source it comes from, into small enough molecules that can be recombined and repurposed into sustainable use materials. There is no more need to bury, toss, burn, treat, or ship trash anywhere. With few exceptions, everything can now be fully recycled. This is what is really meant by a circular economy.

Jug dispersment.png

"We don't separate trash,
we separate molecules"

~Tyler Wood~. Director of Sustainability

Types of inputs

Our innovative approach (Regenesis) allows us to efficiently process almost any type of waste, liquid or solid ( other than explosives and radioactive materials ), and manufacture them without out any emissions or second hand waste. Using a process called "Waste Regenesis" we are able to rematerialize molecules trapped in waste, so that it can be repurposed. It is carbon negative emissions and independently self-powered.

MSW - Municipal Solid Waste

Carbotura Regenesis is your one-stop shop for MSW elimination. We provide everything you need to safely and efficiently contain, store, and transport your MSW, from shredding and baling to wrapping and serialization. We even offer ISO flat-pack containers for easy transport to your nearest service center. With Carbotura Regenesis, there are no more landfills and life has never been easier.

MLW - Municipal Liquid Waste

Carbotura Regenesis is your go-to service for MLW for liquids and sludges. Our unloading drive through depot offers a fast and efficient solution – it can handle 12 6,000 gallon tankers in just 20 minutes, so nothing has to go into rivers, lakes or the landfill. We provide the perfect solution for all your MLW needs.

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Icons Carbotura  recycling.png

Contaminated Recycling

Carbotura Regenesis is a revolutionary service that eliminates the need to put contaminated recycling in landfill. Our service allows you to recycle any material, whether it is paper, plastic, metal, glass, or anything else, without the need to separate them. With Carbotura Regenesis, you can be sure that your recycling is being taken care of in the most sustainable way possible.

Industrial Waste

Carbotura Regenesis offers a comprehensive service to help reduce and manage hazardous industrial waste. Our steel slag, Red Mud, petroleum wastes, incinerator ash, industrial wastes, DAF, landfill leachate, and landfill remediation services are designed to safely and effectively remove pollutants from the environment. We strive to provide a safe, cost-effective solution for the long-term management of hazardous industrial waste.

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A solution for FOREVER chemicals?

Carbotura Regenesis services utilize multiphase microwave reactors as a disintegration catalyst to break down PFAS & PFOS into their key base elements; carbon, fluorine, oxygen, and hydrogen, for use in safe sustainable material form.


Carbotura Partnership Models for Sustainable Community Development

Carbotura is at the forefront of transforming waste management through our innovative "Waste to Materials" technology. We are excited to offer two distinct partnership models designed to benefit communities, municipalities, waste management companies, and other entities looking for sustainable waste solutions.

1. Public-Private Partnership (PPP) with Revenue Participation

  • Structure: This model is a collaborative PPP approach where Carbotura partners with municipalities and any interested waste management companies.

  • Benefits: It allows for shared revenue from all tipping fees generated by the waste processed at our facility. This not only incentivizes waste reduction and recycling but also ensures that the community directly benefits from the sustainable handling of waste.

  • Commitment: Carbotura funds, owns, and operates the facility, requiring minimal investment from the community while providing a significant economic return through shared revenue and job creation.

  • Requirement: A PPP agreement and a payment guarantee are essential to this structure, ensuring a mutually beneficial and sustainable partnership.

2. Direct Contract with Fast-Track Deployment

  • Structure: Designed for entities with good credit and 100% control over their waste, this direct contract model promises a fast-track deployment of our "Waste to Materials" facility.

  • Benefits: It offers up to a 100% rebate on tipping fees, providing an immediate and tangible financial return on waste materials. This model is perfect for entities looking for a quick and efficient transition to sustainable waste management practices.

  • Commitment: As with our PPP model, Carbotura fully funds, owns, and operates the facility. The client provides the waste and a payment guarantee, ensuring a risk-free transformation of their waste management practices.

  • Advantage: This approach is ideal for entities desiring a straightforward, expedited partnership with fixed timelines and significant economic benefits.

Our Commitment to Communities

Regardless of the chosen model, Carbotura's commitment remains the same: to fund, own, and operate "Waste to Materials" manufacturing facilities that not only address the critical issue of waste management but also contribute to the local economy by creating hundreds of high-paying jobs. Our innovative technology and partnership models are designed to foster community growth, environmental sustainability, and economic development.

Let's Transform Waste Management Together

We believe in creating lasting partnerships that benefit all stakeholders and the environment. Whether through a PPP with revenue participation or a direct contract for fast-track deployment, Carbotura is your partner in sustainable waste transformation. Let's work together to make a positive impact on your community and our planet.

How can we do it? Because we monetize your trash

$3.744 trillion of raw materials in end-of-use products are thrown away annually, in the USA alone. This is about $42,000 per ton that is thrown out into landfills. We are able to fully monetize that output.

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Carbotura Zero-Fill

Carbotura Zero-Fill

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Transformative Impact Summit - Eliminating All Waste with the Carbotura Recyclotron - Tyler Wood

Transformative Impact Summit - Eliminating All Waste with the Carbotura Recyclotron - Tyler Wood

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Market Possibilities with Allen Witters of Carbotura

Market Possibilities with Allen Witters of Carbotura

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Carbotura Evolution

Carbotura Evolution

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Technology Disclosure Policy

We appreciate your interest in understanding our technology. However, to protect our proprietary methods, we are unable to offer a direct viewing or demonstration. We want to reassure you of our commitment and confidence in our services by fully funding the deployment at no upfront cost to you. Our contracts are designed with clear performance guarantees and outcomes, ensuring a risk-free partnership for you. We only require a guaranteed payment structure based on meeting these agreed outcomes. We're here to address any concerns and ensure you feel confident and secure in our partnership.


Our technology, capable of converting any waste into reusable materials, represents a groundbreaking advancement in sustainability and resource efficiency. Keeping this technology as a trade secret is crucial for several reasons:

Competitive Advantage: It gives us a unique position in the market. By protecting our methods, we ensure that we are the sole providers of this innovative solution, allowing us to offer unparalleled value to our clients.

Innovation Protection: The development of our technology involved significant investment in research and experimentation. Keeping it secret safeguards our investment and the intellectual effort behind it, ensuring that we can continue to innovate and lead in our field.

Economic Value: Our proprietary technology is not just a method; it's a key asset that drives our business model and growth. Protecting it as a trade secret directly contributes to our economic value and stability, ensuring we can keep offering high-quality, cutting-edge solutions.

In essence, maintaining the confidentiality of our technology allows us to sustain our mission of transforming waste management and material reuse, providing long-term benefits to our clients and the planet.

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