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    Endless "Virtual" Landfill

    Municipal Solid Waste, Plastics, Tires, Biomass Conversion
    ​100% converted to reusable materials
    ​with optional 
    Bio-Carbon Direct Air Carbon Capture & Sequestration



A Modular System for any size project

Carbotura provides a modular approach to handling any size project.  Minimum module size is 10 tons per day to large module arrays handling 10,000 tons per day.

Carbotura™ Inputs can be

Municipal Solid Waste

Municipal waste can be eliminated using Carbotura Modules


We can eliminate all types of plastic wastes including PVCs.


Tires of all shapes and sizes, can be handled with zero pre-treatment or processing.


Excess industrial biomass, seaweeds, and forestry waste can be ingested and converted.

Atmospheric CO2

Utilizing our High-Density Bio-Factory (HDBF) modules allows for atmospheric carbon capture and sequestration.

Waste Water

When utilizing an HDBF module water remediation of water with heavy metals, phosphates and nitrogen can be performed.

Carbotura™ Renewable Outputs Are

Renewable Fuels

Conversion of wastes to renewable fuels allows our systems to be self-powered, and depending on configuration they can generate excess fuels.

Renewable Char

Our modules create a non-toxic char that be utilized for downstream refining into high value materials or used immediately as a soil remediator.

Renewable Activated Carbon

A material used globally, can be derived from the char from waste.

Renewable Graphite 

Graphite is highly valued and is now used in every battery and electric car.

Carbotura™ Carbon Negative Bio-Outputs Are


When utilized an HDBF carbon negative footprint fuels can be generated.


High-purity carbon negative footprint bio-char, a source for advanced nano Bio-Carbon™ bio-materials.

Bio Activated Carbon

Carbon Negative footprint activated carbon, with our advanced phytodoping in the HDBF we can achieve advanced materials properties beyond normal products.


Carbon Negative footprint Bio-Graphite™.


Further refined from bio-char, we can provide multiple types of Bio-Graphenes from our modules.


Structurally enhanced bio-graphene foams.


Concrete additive made from bio-graphene, allowing for 30% materials reduction with 48% strength increase.


Bio-diamonds from the air. Air-mining at its finest.

Carbotura Municipal Solid Waste to Graphite

The system defined below takes municipal waste and converts it into module energy, fuels, and graphite

Stage - 01

Waste materials are brought to Carbotura Facility, or the facility can be located for landfill mining.

Stage - 02

We utilize high-efficiency Multiphase Microwaves to break waste down to basic molecules.

Stage - 03

We use Microwave Plasma to refine the basic molecules into high value materials.


 Economic System Aimed at Capturing and Sequestering CO2 & Wastes into high-value products



Environmental Impact
Social Impact
Financial Impact
Environmental Impact


Each HDBF remediates 13,271,000 gallons (41 Acre Feet) of water per day.

HDBF = High-density Bio-factory

Zero Waste

All of our processes are zero-waste. We take from the land-fills.

Renewable Energy

100% powered by self-generated renewables.


Each HBDF Module captures and sequesters 100-350 tons of carbon per day.

Closed Loop

Each Process is closed loop. Everything reused and recycled.

Social Impact

Jobs, Diversity, Salaries, Culture


Each HBDF creates 100 construction jobs and 100 permanent positions.


Our diversity goal is 33% minority and underprivileged hiring.


Provide higher than living wage salaries to all employees.

Great Culture

Educate, expand and provide opportunities for all employees.

Financial Impact

Margins, Investors, Currencies, Sustainability


Target greater than 80% Gross Margins on all products.


Income focused for investors.  Our ecosystem goes beyond financial attributes with plus value.


With all of our impact attributes we have alternative currencies to work with.


20 year plan.  Our systems will far outlast that.


Various tax credits and incentives.

Survival Model

Model at 80% market discount to today's wholesale prices.


Each HDBF enables around $200mm in local economic impact annually.

Made in USA

Proudly made and manufactured in the USA.


• Carbotura is focused on integrating proven "closing-the-loop" technologies, processes, and businesses. 

• We can handle many waste streams, this includes atmospheric CO2, municipal waste, plastics, tires, and biomass. 

• We have designed and integrated modular systems that can be applied to convert these wastes into zero-waste Carbon Captured high-value materials such as Char, Activated Carbon, Graphite, Graphene, Diamonds, Renewable Fuels & many more. 

 Modularity allows for scaling from small commercial systems, industrial level, and municipal level facilities. 

• We only work in renewable, bio, and carbon-neutral or negative businesses we strive to be the #1 ESG/SDG group on the planet, and we share these attributes with our partners. • We are recognized by our brands: Carbotura TM, CarbophiteTM, CarbofinaTM, Bio-CarbonTM, Bio-GraphiteTM, Bio- GrapheneTM, Bio-DiamondsTM, Bio-GrapheteTM

Interview with CEO Allen Witters

Featured Interview with CEO Allen Witters for the Reuters Responsible Business USA, and The Sustainable Finance and Reporting Europe 2021 events.

Carbotura Island Plan

Waste disposal problems, not to mention the steady degradation of forest cover, have long posed grave threats to our islands and island countries. Such hazards include water pollution and shortages, soil erosion, and loss of habitat for endangered species, all of which have worsened over the years.  Carbotura believes the leading solution to these problems could be found in self-sufficiency. We  help islands overcome their reliance on imports, cut back on their carbon and waste production, and transition to circular carbon economies.

Carbotura Evolution

Carbotura aims to produce a wide variety of biomaterial outputs sourced from all types of plastic waste. With its groundbreaking carbon-capture technology, Carbotura looks to tap the power of CO2 from the atmosphere in creating these biomaterials and ultimately, repairing Planet Earth.

Carbotura Solution

In addressing the most important environmental concerns affecting the islands and the world in general, Carbotura offers one solution: the creation of self-sustainable projects functioning under a circular carbon economy. With potable water, food, energy, and waste plastics elimination among others within one’s reach, job opportunities and multi-generational value for nature and for humankind can then be achieved.

Special Feature

Hemp has been celebrated and vilified in equal measure over the centuries. It has fantastic properties for textiles and ropes, but it comes from the cannabis plant, so it arouses deep suspicion among some policymakers. What is unarguable though, is that it is an extremely fast growing plant that stores a large amount of carbon. So is it really possible to convert it into graphene and diamond in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way?

Carbotura is a proud member of the

Hot Planet Repair Team

HPRT is a non-profit focused on repairing our hot planet through any means necessary. HPRT envisions a healthy planet with societies that have undergone significant systemic change by transitioning towards circular, profitable and eco-industrial global systems. 


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