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Carbotura Regenesis 

Molecular debonding is a process where we can selectively cut the bonds that make up specific molecules, thus making new molecules and releasing them from the molecular assemblies they were attached to. We accomplish the process with Carbotura's Recyclotron.

Circlitory recycling.png

Regenesis is circularity
and circularity is Regenesis

Allen Witters

Founder of Carbotura


Almost any waste stream

  • Unsorted MSW

  • Landfill Leachate (MLW)

  • Contaminated Recycling (CSW)

  • Sewage, Sewage Plant Sludge (MLW)

  • Settling Pond Sludge (MLW) 

  • Hazardous Waste


Cannot process munitions, explosives or radioactive waste

Carbon Flow II.png
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