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Types of inputs

ZeroFill is a circularity service that offers Waste Management and Recycling Companies and Municipalities a way to become 100% Circular, with 100% diversion. Our innovative approach allows us to efficiently process any type of waste liquid or solid other than explosives and radioactive materials, and recycle it up to 100%. We utilize a process called "Waste Regenesis" that rematerializes molecules trapped in waste, so that the waste can be repurposed for use again. This helps us to reduce waste and prevent pollution, while also providing a cost-effective solution for our clients.  We are the missing link in sustainability and circularity.

Our business model

At Carbotura, we specialize in providing a service that gives our clients the peace of mind that they are meeting their sustainability goals. We are proud to offer our clients the opportunity to lease capacity from us, a service that is similar to a power purchase agreement or a manufacturing capacity agreement.

Our team of experts provide our clients with the best advice and solutions to ensure that their sustainability goals are met. We make sure that our services are tailored to the individual needs of our clients, so that their goals can be reached in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

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