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Dedicated to the success of its companies, investors, partners and communities.

Allen Witters

Leads Gravitas with support from the company’s other Principals and Advisors. Over his 35-year career, Allen has helped shape modern business by founding and operating several leading services, manufacturing and technology companies.

John Arciero

A business strategist, serial entrepreneur, and salesman extraordinaire with a long list of achievements. Through a proven combination of leadership, selling, and management skills. 

Dan Bryant

Driving structural innovation to serve markets and stakeholders more effectively is a 25-year passion. Dan has been a leader in adapting to and structuring change across diverse markets and industries.

Tyler Wood

Characterized throughout his 20-year hedge fund career with having a personal and positive communication style that inspires people to act decisively towards a common goal.

Luis Camarena

With his extensive background in business and technology processes, Luis is leading the efforts to establish all marketing/sales technology systems and procedures.

Cory and Nugget Witters

Developed and oversaw customer service teams for both small and multi-billion dollar global companies and projects with Board & C-Level responsibilities.


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