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Everything is taken care of

When it comes to the capital we have it all covered

Waste as a service

100% financing and zero net cost

Carbotura invests in your trash. It acquires what would normally enter landfills by repurposing waste into sustainable materials for the global supply chain, turning trash into cash.


As a result of this built-in revenue, the Carbotura service program is able to offer municipalities and commercial waste authorities a complete finance package in which 100% of all capital expenditures are covered by Carbotura's own investment, in exchange for a multi-year service contract for waste elimination, with all the positive benefits of net negative emissions that go with it.

While the service contract entails a per tonne service fee, those same fees are also entitled to a full rebate of up to 100%. There are no service contract situations that live up to commitments that would not get back the 100% rebate of service fees. Therefore, the only budget impact incurred would be in the 1st 12 months of service, after which the rebates would occur in the 13th month. That situation repeats itself each year of the contract. Therefore, both the service costs and the capex are completely covered by the program

100% finance on all capex

100% rebates on all service costs

You provide the trash we do the rest

  • Zero waste, zero emissions, zero cost

  • 100% diversion from landfills

  • Any waste, no sorting

  • No waste combustion

  • Atmospheric Carbon Capture

  • 100% circularity

  • Zero Capex

  • Zero service costs (after rebates)

  • No need for water hookups

  • No need for electrical hookups

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