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The Tech is not new but what we are doing with it is.

  • 1,753,000 Operating production process hours

  • 75 application use cases proven by Fortune 1000

  • 25 Commercial plants installed, across food, military, aerospace mining, and nuclear industries

  • 1977 first systems deployed pioneering molecular recycling

  • 2006 -1st 4 Ton per hour multiphase reactor commissioned

  • 2020 Waste Management "Regenesis" Application Integration

  • 2022 Carbotura Regenesis Launched to select clients


Systems most recent applications:

  • Sorted and unsorted MSW

  • Multiple different glass-fiber composites including wind-turbine blades and insulation panels

  • Car shredder residues

  • Carbon - Fiber composites

  • Seats

  • Different foams

  • Mix plastics 

  • PET, Tires 

  • Bio & Medical waste

  • Rubbers (including silicon rubber, and natural rubber)

  • Multiple different polystyrene waste streams ( including panels)


  • Biomass (including wood, hemp)

  • Labels and films

  • C&D roof shingles, all types of flooring categories including vinyl flooring, foam bases, polystyrene-based and glass fiber-based insulation panels, paint waste, cables, and pipes. 

3rd party verifications & validations available under NDA

Technology Disclosure Policy

We appreciate your interest in understanding our technology. However, to protect our proprietary methods, we are unable to offer a direct viewing or demonstration. We want to reassure you of our commitment and confidence in our services by fully funding the deployment at no upfront cost to you. Our contracts are designed with clear performance guarantees and outcomes, ensuring a risk-free partnership for you. We only require a guaranteed payment structure based on meeting these agreed outcomes. We're here to address any concerns and ensure you feel confident and secure in our partnership.


Our technology, capable of converting any waste into reusable materials, represents a groundbreaking advancement in sustainability and resource efficiency. Keeping this technology as a trade secret is crucial for several reasons:

Competitive Advantage: It gives us a unique position in the market. By protecting our methods, we ensure that we are the sole providers of this innovative solution, allowing us to offer unparalleled value to our clients.

Innovation Protection: The development of our technology involved significant investment in research and experimentation. Keeping it secret safeguards our investment and the intellectual effort behind it, ensuring that we can continue to innovate and lead in our field.

Economic Value: Our proprietary technology is not just a method; it's a key asset that drives our business model and growth. Protecting it as a trade secret directly contributes to our economic value and stability, ensuring we can keep offering high-quality, cutting-edge solutions.

In essence, maintaining the confidentiality of our technology allows us to sustain our mission of transforming waste management and material reuse, providing long-term benefits to our clients and the planet.

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