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The Tech is not new but what we are doing with it is.

  • 1,753,000 Operating production process hours

  • 75 application use cases proven by Fortune 1000

  • 25 Commercial plants installed, across food, military, aerospace mining, and nuclear industries

  • 1977 first systems deployed pioneering molecular recycling

  • 2006 -1st 4 Ton per hour multiphase reactor commissioned

  • 2020 Waste Management "ZeroFill" Application Integration

  • 2022 Carbotura ZeroFill Launched to select clients


Systems most recent applications:

  • Sorted and unsorted MSW

  • Multiple different glass-fiber composites including wind-turbine blades and insulation panels

  • Car shredder residues

  • Carbon - Fiber composites

  • Seats

  • Different foams

  • Mix plastics 

  • PET, Tires 

  • Bio & Medical waste

  • Rubbers (including silicon rubber, and natural rubber)

  • Multiple different polystyrene waste streams ( including panels)


  • Biomass (including wood, hemp)

  • Labels and films

  • C&D roof shingles, all types of flooring categories including vinyl flooring, foam bases, polystyrene-based and glass fiber-based insulation panels, paint waste, cables, and pipes. 

3rd party verifications & validations available under NDA

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