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Gravitas Infinitum

Our Parent Company

As Featured by Reuters 2021 Responsible Business USA  

Gravitas Infinitum, a holding company, based in Naples, Florida, is the parent company of Carbotura. The Gravitas team, and its subsidiaries, are focused on solving some of Planet Earth's most challenging problems including waste plastic, CO2 emissions, and water pollution. Gravitas Infinitum builds and acquires companies and projects that provide a positive environmental impact, deliver eco-friendly products, services and solutions, and revenues to help reach the objectives in its "Planet Plan".

Helping the world economy transition from linear Hydrocarbon to circular Bio-carbon™ with Carbotura™, our carbon capture to nano-biomaterials such as Bio-Graphene™, Bio-Graphite™, Bio-Diamond™ and much more, are derived from atmospheric carbon.  

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