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How Carbotura's Program Works

You provide the trash we do the rest

  • Zero waste, zero emissions, zero cost

  • 100% diversion from landfills

  • Any waste, no sorting

  • No waste combustion

  • Atmospheric carbon capture

  • 100% circularity

  • Zero capex

  • Zero service costs (after rebates)

  • No need for water hookups

  • No need for electrical hookups

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Waste as a service

Zero waste, zero emissions, zero cost

We are not waste managers. We are materials manufacturers. Our raw material is your waste so we will take almost any kind, no matter how ugly, and turn it into value. 

We also invest in you, providing you zero cost equipment and zero cost in manpower to service it. You simply provide us with your sorted or unsorted trash. We use it as our raw ingredients to manufacture market ready materials. Their value to the supply chain fue
ls our entire business model.

For communities, this means an unexpected new source of capital infrastructure investment, from a private sector player, designed to handle community waste at zero capex. It also means a net zero cost and even a surplus.

We take almost anything

We choose not to accept munitions, explosives, or radioactive waste

  • Sorted and unsorted MSW

  • Multiple different glass-fiber composites including wind-turbine blades and insulation panels

  • Car shredder residues

  • Carbon - Fiber composites

  • Seats

  • Different foams

  • Mix plastics 

  • PET, Tires 

  • Bio & Medical waste

  • Rubbers (including silicon rubber, and natural rubber)

  • Multiple different polystyrene waste streams ( including panels)


  • Biomass (including wood, hemp)

  • Labels and films

  • C&D roof shingles, all types of flooring categories including vinyl flooring, foam bases, polystyrene-based and glass fiber-based insulation panels, paint waste, cables, and pipes. 

Example of a 2000 TPD Facility

  • 730,000 annual tons​

  • 21,900,000 lifetime tons

  • Fits in 200' X 200' buildings and equivalent structures  (3 acres) ​

  • Energy Generation Option

    • Each 2000 TPD system can generate 30 MW Excess Capacity -Zero Emissions​

  • Fuels Options

    • Up to 5,000 GPH Excess​

  • Advanced Material Processing Options

    • Graphite, Graphene ​

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